American Sign Language (ASL) Essentials:

Signs and Songs

for Communication

(8 CMTE Credits)

Neurologic Strategies for Speech & Language for Individuals with Autism and Other Special Needs

(6 CMTE credits)

Songwriting Strategies for Therapeutic Impact: Integrating Lyric Replacement and DBT in Music Therapy

(2 CMTEs)

The Holistic Voice:

Embodying and Embracing the Instrument You’re Born With

(4 CMTE credits)

The Voice as a Tool

for Healing

Emotional Wounds

(5 CMTE credits)

The Art of Improvisation for Use in Music Therapy

(6 CMTE credits)

Understanding Neurodiversity and Modified DBT Techniques in Music Therapy

(9 CMTE credits)

Verbal Counselling

and Psychotherapy Techniques

for Music Therapists

(6 CMTE credits)