After you enroll, you’ll choose a combination of online classes that add up to 20 CMTE credits Affordable, convenient, quality online classes that are full of new ideas and strategies. 20 credits per year lead to a stress free recertification cycle.

Payment options:

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Music Therapist, Do you Ever…

  • Wait ’til the last minute and feel stressed out about not having your CMTE credits for recertification?
  • Complete all of your classes but can’t remember what they were?
  • Struggle to come up with fresh new music therapy methodology with little time to figure it out?
  • Need CMTEs for recertification but find it difficult or impossible to get time off plus pay for travel on top of the course fees?
  • Feel confused, not prepared, or burnt out?
  • Feel isolated, frustrated with difficult clients, need support of like-minded professional peers?

Here are the Solutions – Free of the Hassle:

Because of the creative, sometimes challenging, rewarding, work that you do with your clients, we, the Spiegel Academy team of professionals, honor you! Here is our best collection of expertise and professional resources, packaged to support you in maintaining high standards of excellence in your practice, and making an even greater difference in the lives of your clients.
  • You’ll have a team of experts supporting you to be your best
  • No travel expenses!
  • You don’t have to take time off for classes
  • Quality and convenient online classes all in one spot
  • Say goodbye to the days of struggling to come up with new music therapy interventions or wondering what to do when you have a client you just don’t know what to do with. 
  •  Flat Rate- Keep What You Buy – No Expiration Date on Self-Study Classes – Professional Guidance

What’s included in the Basic CMTE Value Package:

  • After you enroll, you’ll choose a combination of online classes that add up to 20 CMTE credits at a packaged price. (Value $560) Click here to view the many courses you’ll have to choose from.
  • All of your selected classes will go into your online class portal
  • You’ll have unlimited access to your classes, all in one place, easy to keep track of.
  • Completing these classes will give you 20+ CMTE credits while you learn new ideas and strategies from qualified professionals. 
  • Be on track to have 100 CMTEs in 5 years free of worry or stress because you won’t be waiting til the last minute
  • Attend when you want to as it fits into your schedule
  • No time limit or expiration date
  • Bonus #1- FREE report: 3 Massive Mistakes Even the Speaking Pros Make that Keep them Feeling Inadequate as a Speaker and How to Avoid these Forever! (For those MT presentations…) (Value $49)
  • Bonus #2 – Attend one complimentary Inner Circle meeting. Network with a professional peer community, offering new strategies to enhance the incredibly valuable work you do. Receive and give support in a safe confidential group of music therapists. (Value $53)
  • Bonus #3 – Even after you’ve selected your combination of classes, when another class comes up during this year that makes your mouth water, you can take it for 10% off. Just email and ask for the discount code on any additional classes you want to take (Value $65+)
  • Affordable – your price is locked in! When you renew for the next year to select a new batch of 20 credits, you will automatically be grandfathered in when prices increase in the future. (If you don’t renew you forfeit the price lock and when you come back in it will be at whatever the rate is at the time.)
  • Classes in your portal never expire


The total Value of all of the above = $727 

for only $447 or 3 monthly payments of $164


Satisfaction guarantee: If you are not satisfied with any portion of the package you can exchange it for another class (or classes) from the catalog of equal value



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