Nancy E. Lubow PhD, LPC, MT-BC

Dr. Lubow completed her Interdisciplinary PhD in Psychology at Union Institute and University where her research concentration was in the Psychobiology of Trauma and Creativity. As part of her doctoral work, she wrote a training manual on the theory and practice of Cross Modal Therapies for trauma and mental health.


Nancy is a nationally certified music therapist, with a certification in expressive arts therapy and is currently integrating her trauma-informed arts-based exercises for individual, family and group work in her thriving  private practice. She has been training professionals since 2007 in Pennsylvania and New York.


Dr Lubow is a CBMT Approved provider who can offer music therapists, counselors, and psychologists a  method for integrating brain science, trauma and creativity into treatment of mental health disease at all levels. Her trauma-informed strategies  utilize the audio-visual and kinesthetic modes of perception for accessing, activating, and transforming traumatic material into a healthy personal narrative. The arts-based training manual for clinicians  provides a treatment protocol applicable to populations with complex PTSD, self-harming and addictive behaviors, including eating, mood, and personality disorders.


In her current work as a clinician and educator, Nancy utilizes the non-verbal languages of art, music, and movement to facilitate cognitive shifts in awareness, emotion regulation, stress tolerance, and behavioral change.


Prior to her career in Psychotherapy, she taught the skills of  painting and classical piano in private schools, music conservatories and as Director of the Contemporary Arts Studio where she began her research on the effects of music on mood regulation and mental imagery.


Nancy Lubow PhD LPC MT-BC
Cross Modal Therapies for Mental Health
1110 North West End Boulevard
 Quakertown, PA 18951
Office cell : 267 261 9987
Home office 215 529 0240
website: www.nancylubow.com


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