Wound for Sound: A Comprehensive Breakdown of Acoustic/Electric Guitar Tunings, Tones, Effects, & Interventions – 3 credits


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Course Description:

This course is designed specifically for music therapists interested in expanding their acoustic and electric guitar skills and knowledge to apply in a clinical setting.


  • A variety of alternate tunings
  • Tools – such as slides, straps, picks, strings, etc.
  • Tones/effects for both the acoustic and electric guitar
  • Review general guitar skills, knowledge and techniques
  • Options for using each of these in a clinical setting.
  • All the things you’ll want to know when purchasing, maintaining and incorporating a guitar into a clinical music therapy setting

This 192 minute course is a self-study program which is broken down into short video segments to make it easier for you to fit into your busy schedule.

The course videos cover the elements of acoustic and electric guitar tones, tools, sounds and tunings. Each video contains an aspect of guitar knowledge that can be applied into a clinical setting. Each segment contains examples of how to use the various tunings, tones and effects as well as different songs and interventions that can be used in a clinical setting. There are three homework assignments throughout the course to check your understanding and ability to take the knowledge given in the course to your practice. You’ll be able to complete the course on your own time.

Course Objectives:

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Identify how to properly use tools to install guitar strings as well as two techniques that will assist in maintaining a properly tuned guitar.
  • Identify four types of alternate tunings to apply on the guitar in clinical settings.
  • Identify tone, volume and equalization or “EQ” settings to apply on the electric guitar and electric guitar amplifier in clinical settings.
  • Identify eight electric guitar effects and how to apply them to the electric guitar in clinical settings.

CBMT Domain Areas:

IV B. 15 – Maintain equipment and supplies.

5c – apply standard and alternate guitar tunings

5i3. employ functional skills with guitar

5p integrate current technology into music therapy practice according to client need.


Video 1 – Introduction to guitar and acoustic guitar strings (14:41)

Video 2 – A) Guitar tools, B) Guitar accessories and prices (3:39)

Video 3 – A) Guitar re-stringing B) Guitar maintenance (15:08)

Video 4 – A) Harmonics tuning techique B) Drop D tuning C) Standard Tuning D) Open Chord Tuning  (20:23)

Assignment #1 – Create an original Drop D tuning guitar intervention (15 minutes)

Video 5 – A) DADGAD tuning B) Secondary DADGAD tuning C) Guitar tools  (20:40)

Video 6 – A) Electric guitar B) Electric guitar Amplifier (15:46)

Assignment#2 – Create a specific tone combining the tone knobs, pickup selector and amplifier EQ knobs. (15 minutes)

Video 7 – A) Electric guitar effects education (13:17)

Video 8 – A) Electric guitar effects demonstration (14:13)

Assignment #3 – Session plan/objective and goals using an intervention with three of the concepts mentioned in the course. (45 minutes)

Wound for Sound:A Comprehensive Breakdown of Acoustic/Electric Guitar Tunings, Tones, Effects, & Interventions   is approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) for 3 CMTEs-Continuing Music Therapy Education credits. The Spiegel Academy, CBMT Approved Provider #P-106, maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria.I