Starting a Music Therapy Business (13 credits)

Self-study.-Learn all of the foundational concepts and tasks required to set you up for a thriving Music Therapy business… one where you make an abundant income doing what you love & making a difference. 13 CMTEs.

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$119.00 / month for 3 month
$61.00 / month for 6 month

Presenter:  Jona Jeffcoat MT-BC

Have a thriving Music Therapy business… one where you make an abundant income doing what you love, and powerfully serving clients?

Course Description:

In this course, you’ll learn all of the foundational concepts and tasks required to set you up for success.  First, you’ll understand the nuances of having your own private practice – what it entails, the joys and the responsibilities – to make sure you’re ready to be your own boss.

Next, you’ll be guided through the steps in developing a strong presence in the market, including your branding, logo, and critical marketing information to get you in front of the clients who need you most.  We’ll also cover writing a motivating mission statement, preparing a budget for success, and most importantly, how to hold inspiring consultations that result in getting that YES to working together.


Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the sequential steps required to establish a powerful brand as a Music Therapist in the market
  • Create a mission statement, budget, initial contract, and plan of action for client attraction
  • Develop skill in holding an inspiring consultation with a potential client that conveys the power of this work and the exceptional value it provides


Class #1:  

We will explore the essential “need to knows” when starting up a new private practice in order to make sure that you are building something that is by the books. We will explore the pros and cons of running a sole-proprietorship, LLC, S-corp, or c-corp. We will review registering your trade name, searching if you need a license for your practice, exploring whether or not your service is taxable, and obtaining your EIN. We will further explore types of insurance that are useful as a business owner to ensure that you are covered as your practice flourishes. We will also discuss the benefits of a business banking account and thoughts to consider like obtaining a NPI or a PO Box. General considerations for Hipaa compliance will also be explored. We will close with information on writing your mission statement and values and how that will influence your marketing as you obtain A+ clients and build a financially stable practice. Don’t know what some of the acronyms are in this description? Even more reason to join us!

10 minutes- Introduction and outline of the course
25 minutes- Pros and Cons of MTBO
10 minutes- Action step: Sharing why do you want to be a MTBO/ are a MTBO
45 minutes- Basics of getting started
30 minutes- Values and Mission Statement
15- minutes Questions
Homework: Approximately 90 minutes worth of assignments

Class #2

During this second class we will be reviewing information about logo design and company names. Logo design can be a powerful tool to attract your ideal clientele and serve as an icebreaker to support your mission, your values, and how to get your clients to have a “buy now” attitude. We will be exploring basic ways to market your service that can be cost-effective AND earn you CMTEs at the same time! Would you like to know how to find clients and how to set your fees? We will discuss general information about initiating conversations and capturing information to get your clients asking where to sign. We will discuss what should be in your contracts. Finally, we will review considerations with billing, collecting, and how to ensure that you will be reimbursed a fair wage for your services. 

20 minutes-  Assignment review-mission statement
25 minutes- Company Name and logo
30 minutes- Basic Info for Contracts
45 minutes-Billing Information
15 minutes- Questions
Homework: Approximatley 90 minutes worth of assignments

Class #3

We will round out this series by talking about the business budget, fixed and variable expenses, and what you need now versus what you can wait on. We will be discussing general information about tax deductions. Do you want to learn how to get CMTEs for free, recycle to earn office supplies, get money back when you buy cleaning supplies, and more so you have more income in your pocket? Our instructor has brought her couponing habit into her private practice and will review general tips and tricks to lower your expenses and create better cash flow. We will be discussing how branding integrates all aspects of your company and will help you create memorable connections as you network so people are referring people to you without you lifting a finger or spending a dime. Finally, we will draw attention to our code of ethics and considerations as you build connections.

45 minutes- Budgets
45 minutes- Branding
20 minutes- Networking
45 minutes-  Ethics and Private Practice
15 minutes- Questions
Homework: Approximately 2 hrs worth of assignments 

BONUS!! As part of this course you will have the opportunity to receive feedback on your mission statement, logo, budget, and more from our instructor AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! Plus you’ll get templates!



CBMT Domain Areas:

VB19: Engage in business management tasks
VB16:Conduct information sharing sessions, such as in-service workshops for professionals and the community.
VB17: Respond to public inquiries about music therapy.




Starting a Music Therapy Business – is  approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) for 13 CMTEs-Continuing Music Therapy Education credits. The Spiegel Academy, CBMT Approved Provider #P-106,  maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria.  


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