Earn an Endorsement -Refundable Deposit for DBT Informed Music Therapy Program


Earn the designation of DBT Informed Music Therapist by completing this program. Earn up to 100 CMTEs. Pay in full or make  monthly payments.

Purchase this product now and earn at least 397 Points!

To join our DBT Informed Music Therapy  Program,  apply here

This deposit is to accompany your application We are accepting applications for registration for a limited time and for a limited number of seats. We like to limit the number of participants so the experience is personal. If you have an interest in pursuing this program, we encourage you to apply. Your application will be reviewed by our team, and if it seems like a match for the qualities we are seeking then you and I will have a conversation to determine if its a good fit for you. Just submit your application and a fully refundable deposit of $397. If you decide its not for you, you get that deposit back. When you register for the program you will receive a discount coupon for $397 which will apply your deposit to whichever payment method you select.