Music Therapy Interventions Teaching Emotion Regulation Skills System for Cognitively Challenged Clients (28 credits)

Self-Study-Adapted DBT Skills for Verbal Clients with Intellectual Disabilities and Challenging Behaviors. Participants will integrate music therapy applications into the material studied in Julie Brown’s book. 28 credits. Self-study


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The Emotion Regulation Skills System

for Cognitively Challenged Clients: A DBT® –

Informed Approach

a program created by Julie Brown, and its application to music therapy.    

with Deborah Spiegel MT-BC


Course Description:

This course presents you with tools to support your cognitively challenged clients.  It teaches The Emotion Regulation Skills System for Cognitively Challenged Clients, by Julie Brown MSW, PhD, which is a DBT Informed Approach.  It is a self study course that includes reading Julie Brown’s book, The Emotion Regulation Skills System for Cognitively Challenged Clients.. Participants will integrate music therapy applications into the material studied. It includes a private forum for interacting with other members of the class, past, present, and future.


You will be given 12 assignments.  For each of the lessons, it will take about an hour to study the sections of the book related to that assignment, and another hour to create an intervention and share how you used it, in our private forum. This class starts anytime and can be completed on your own time frame.  Once the 12 assignments are completed you will receive and submit evaluation forms.  You will then receive  your certificate of completion for CBMT.

 Learning Objectives

  • Design music therapy interventions to reinforce each emotion regulation skill studied
  • Share how you integrate music therapy with the emotion regulation skills system in your professional setting.

What People are Saying:  

” I enjoyed reading up on how many different factors can influence our clients’ mental processing and ability to cope.  Though I have seen it play out, it was nice to have it spelled out by a professional and then have someone so painstakingly map out a way to teach new skills to those who desperately need them!”

“Deborah gives great positive feedback! Not being in school for a long time and also not working with any other music therapists for the past 3 years is tough. There is no one for me to ask advice from or to help me when I need it, so I’ve done my best on my own. It’s nice to have someone experienced in the field helping and making me think.” Holly C.

“I learned that there are TONS of mindfulness activities I can do using music! Both activities included in the book (i.e. the bell activities) and those I was able to come up with on my own via my inspiration from reading the book and taking this course.” Christina G.

“I learned that DBT skills and concepts, though complicated, are not beyond the reach of people with impaired cognitive function.” Kathleen H.

“I have several special needs clients working with behavioral staff who are not trained to work with the lower functioning population. The fact that this course is self paced allowed me to use the material while processing it all at my own pace.” Bethann S.


CBMT Domain Area(s):

(III.A.2.g) Provide individualized music therapy experiences to address client’s: (g) affects, emotions, and moods; (h) agitation; (i) aggression; (l) attention; (p) coping skills; (u) executive functions; (z) impulse control; (aa) initiation; (ff) musical and other creative responses; (uu) self-motivation; (aaa) social skills and interactions


cbmtlogo.png Music Therapy Interventions Teaching  Emotion Regulation Skills System (Adapted DBT) for Clients With Intellectual Disabilities and Challenging Behaviors  is approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) for 28 CMTEs- Continuing Music Therapy Education credits. . The Spiegel Academy, CBMT Approved Provider #P-106,  maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria.




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