Mindfulness and Music in Clinical Practice (8 credits)

Self-Study- Learn new ways to implement music and mindfulness techniques in clinical work for creating self awareness and for symptom management. 8 CMTE credits.

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Course Description

Learn  techniques of mindfulness and music to utilize in dyads or group music therapy sessions for creating self awareness and for symptom management.  

PART ONE – The first module introduces mindfulness meditation techniques using musical drone instruments to employ in our clinical work.

You will engage in homework activities including creating your own meditations with sound and deep listening either in a clinical setting, private session, or with friends and family if clients are not available.

Students will upload a 10-minute video of their work or submit a one-page narrative to the instructor detailing their work in dyads or a group. The instructor will send feedback 

PART TWO  – The second module focuses on discussion of the experiences, and we picked one participant to conduct a 15-minute meditation with sound. We will discuss how to implement music and mindfulness techniques in clinical work. 


Learning Objectives:

1) Participants will be able to employ at least 2 mindfulness techniques for symptom management 

2) Participants will be able to identify 2 reasons for integrating musical drone in clincial work

3) Participants will practice mindfulness and music in dyads or groups

4) Participants will create a treatment plan using mindfulness and music


Presented by 
Katie Down MT-BC

Katie Down, (MT-BC, LCAT), Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, received her masters degree in music therapy from NYU and additional training from ICP in Trauma Studies. She practices and teaches mindfulness mediation with sound and facilitates sound meditations throughout the New York Metropolitan region. Her unique healing and psychotherapy services for individuals, couples, and groups incorporates music, mindfulness, talk therapy, and meditation as tools for relief of pain, anxiety, depression, and difficult life issues. Katie has facilitated workshops and presented internationally in improvisation, voice work, and songwriting as tools for healing and social change in the Balkans, South Africa and South America. Specialties include EMDR for trauma,  Mindfulness, and sound therapies for symptom management,  personal growth, and  optimum health and wellbeing.


CBMT Domain areas

(II.A.1) Implement an appropriate referral system for the population served

(II.B.1) Observe client in music and/or non-music settings

(II.B.4.b-h,j-l) Identify clients’: b) behaviors, c) clinical history, including previous music therapy treatment, d) family dynamics and support systems, e) learning styles, f) mood/affect, g) multicultural and spiritual context, h) music background and skills, j) resources, k) social and interpersonal relationships, l) stressors related to present status, including trauma

(II.B.13.a-d) Identify client’s preferences.

(II.B.7) Select musical and/or non-musical assessment tools and procedures to reflect purpose of assessment

(III.A.1.a-g) Develop a therapeutic relationship

(III.A.2) Provide individualized music therapy experiences to address clients’ goals

(III.A.3.a-g) Recognize how the different theoretical frameworks inform music therapy practice

(III.A.4.a-j) Recognize how the different music therapy approaches inform clinical practice

(I.1) Recognize and respond to situations in which there are clear and present dangers to a client and/or others

(I.2,3) Recognize the potential harm of 2) music experiences, 3) verbal and physical interventions and use them with care

(V.A.1) Assess areas for professional growth, prioritize and establish plan of action



Mindfulness and Music in Clinical PracticeCBMTis approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) for 8 CMTEs-Continuing Music Therapy Education credits.. The Spiegel Academy, CBMT Approved Provider #P-106, maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria.


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