Integrating DBT into your Music Therapy Practice for Effective Results-All Access Pass

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Didn’t finish watching the videos in the free workshop?  Want to review the great content in these videos?  Purchase this all access pass to the workshop and watch and re-watch as much as you want to.  No expiration date.

If this is all new to you, here is a description of this workshop:

  • If you ever worry about how to best support clients with impulsive behaviors and dysregulated emotions…  
  • if you ever judge yourself or fear you lack knowledge and skill…  
  • if you are not recognized by your treatment team as a true professional (seen as merely fun entertainment)…  
  • if you need skills to cope through difficult situations in your own life …  
  • if you work in a DBT program but don’t quite know how to fit in …  
  • if you don’t work in a DBT program but seek solutions for those difficult clients…
  • then this workshop is just for you.

This is presented just as I would present at a conference.  You can use it as an umbrella grouping or a short event.  Its broken into 3 videos that are each a little over 30 minutes, for a total of 100 minutes.

This first part of the workshop is about:

  • What is DBT anyway?
  • How to help clients reduce impulsive behaviors with mindfulness skills
  • Music therapy interventions to experience mindfulness skills

This second part of the workshop is about:

  • How DBT skills can help clients with dysregulated emotions and behaviors
  • How to cope through difficult times
  • We will review DBT’s distress tolerance module and emotion regulation module.
  • Guest visitor presenters
  • Music therapy ideas for you

The third part of the workshop is about:

  • Formula for asking for what you want and saying no
  • How to communicate effectively with your team
  • Collaborating with other disciplines
  • How to increase your toolkit so you have the skills you need to pull out for any individual client when they need it
  • More resources for DBT and music therapy
  • The DBT Informed Music Therapy Program – Registration opens once a year .  We accept 15 people.

 Participants are excited about the amount of information in here, and are already using the ideas with their clients.  Enjoy.  I look forward to reading your comments.

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