Guitar: Rhythm and Accompaniment for Stylistic Playing (10 credits)

Self-study. Guitar instruction focusing on rhythm/accompaniment (strumming) concepts , providing you with more authentic and diverse interpretations of songs you play. 10 Credits

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$92.00 / month for 3 month

Tired of the same old strum patterns?    This education course, “Guitar: Rhythm and Accompaniment for Stylistic Playing” will teach you how to use a variety of accompaniment styles.

The course  is presented as video based lectures that require you to watch the individual lessons, practice what is being taught then take a post test at the end of the course for final evaluation.

PDF handouts will be provided for you to print off, use and keep.

Presented by David Putano MT-BC  

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Course Schedule and Format 

Activity Time
Video – Course Opening and Part 1 Introduction 11:12
Video – Why Rhythm 5:42
Video – Single Note Picking Exercises 9:33
Practice 15:00
Video – Pick Dexterity 13:28
Practice 15:00
Video – Root to 5th 7:04
Practice 15:00
Video – Part 2 Introduction – Arpeggio Accompaniment 1:12
Video – 3/4 time Arpeggio Accompaniment 6:54
Practice 15:00
Video – 4/4 time Arpeggio Accompaniment – Song in E 6:41
Practice 20:00
Video – 4/4 time Arpeggio Accompaniment – Song in D 16:41
Practice 15:00
Video – Part 3 Introduction – Rhythm Transcribing :53
Video – Repetitive Rhythms 18:38
Practice 15:00
Video – Rhythm Transcribing part 1 25:44
Practice 20:00
Video – Rhythm Transcribing part 2 26:14
Practice 15:00
Video – Rhythm Transcribing part 3 15:02
Practice 15:00
Video – Distinct Rhythms 5:24
Practice 15:00
Video – Part 4 Introduction – Stylistic Accompaniment 1:49
Video – Country Music Style Accompaniment 7:08
Practice 15:00
Video – Jazz Music Style Accompaniment 12:34
Practice 15:00
Video – Blues Music Style Accompaniment 24:16
Practice 15:00
Video – Patriotic Music Style Accompaniment 15:16
Practice 15:00
Video – Bass Motion Style Accompaniment 10:14
Practice 15:00
Video – Rhythm Tip 6:48
Practice 15:00
Video – Closing :50
Post Test  15:00

Learning Objectives  (relevant CBMT domain items)

By the end of the course instruction participants will be able to (***or begin to):

-Perform single note exercises and understand the importance of practicing them as they relate to guitar rhythm/accompaniment development. (III.A.5.a) (III.A.5.f.2)
-Demonstrate arpeggiated style picking to songs in 3/4 and 4/4 time. (III.A.5.c) (III.A.5.d)
-Apply the two concepts presented here for transcribing, then applying those rhythm/ accompaniment possibilities to songs when learning them. (III.A.5.c) (III.A.5.d) (III.A.5.i)
-Implement stylistic rhythm/accompaniment components in the popular song styles discussed here, i.e., jazz, blues, country and patriotic. (III.A.5.c) (III.A.5.d) (III.A.5.i)

*** the reason the language “begin to” is included is because all guitar players are at varying degrees of development and competency. This course covers basic information that all music therapy professionals can play and information that at times, is of a more advanced level. At this time, those with less experience can be exposed to this information then apply the more advanced techniques in the
future as their skills develop.

cbmtlogo.pngGuitar: Rhythm and Accompaniment for Stylistic Playing is approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) for 10 CMTEs-Continuing Music Therapy Education credits.  The Spiegel Academy, CBMT Approved Provider #P-106,  maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria.


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