1. Earn an endorsement as a DBT Informed Music Therapist (100 credits)


Earn the designation of DBT Informed Music Therapist by completing this program. Earn up to 100 CMTEs. Pay in full or make  monthly payments.

$275.00 / month for 10 month
Purchase this product now and earn at least 397 Points!
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This program is going to immediately help YOU experience a difference in your ability to cope through difficult situations and to communicate effectively. And by using the skills yourself, you become a role model for your clients and your professional peers.

 Once you get this down, you’ll start experiencing more confidence and competence in your role as a music therapist, in your relationship to your clients, and with your professional colleagues.

You’ll be able to pull out exactly the right skill from your toolkit to help your challenging clients learn to control their impulsive behaviors and regulate their emotions.