DBT Foundations for Music Therapists Jumpstart Program

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Enhance Your Skills and Expand Your Impact in Ways You Only Dreamed Possible!

DBT Foundations for Music Therapists

Jumpstart Program


Gain new tools to support your clients, (and yourself), and move your practice forward.


Embark on a transformative study that combines the power of music therapy with the evidence-based principles of DBT. Gain a solid foundation of practical life skills and music therapy interventions, allowing you to make an even greater difference in your music therapy practice.

✔ Feel secure in what to do when your clients display “impulsive behaviors”, “disregulated emotions”, “ineffective coping strategies”, or “lack of interpersonal skills” by growing your toolkit of skills.
✔ Be able to adapt your music therapy interventions to include DBT skills in a way that suits your clientele, no matter where you work, by gaining a solid base in DBT’s evidence based tried and true system.
✔ Collaborate in treatment with other providers, and be perceived as a professional peer (rather than entertainment), effectively communicating with related fields.
✔ Become confident in your role as a music therapist using DBT and even co-lead DBT skills groups with your team’s psychologist or social worker
✔ Be valued as a part of the DBT team and speak the same language

Help your music therapy clients gain skills to:

• Get through Difficult Times
• Regulate Emotions
• Control Impulsive Behaviors
•  Communicate Effectively
• And feel consistent progress in applying skills to their daily struggles.


What’s Included in the DBT Foundations for Music Therapists Jumpstart Program


The DBT Foundations for Music Therapists Jumpstart Program is an excellent opportunity for music therapists who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in the field.

It offers a wealth of material, resources, and learning opportunities that are all included in the program for a fraction of the cost of what they would be individually.


Self Study Class

First of all, you get to take the self study class called DBT: Practical Life Skills Reinforced through Music Therapy. This 10 CMTE credit class is an excellent  next step in your DBT informed music therapy journey.

You’ll learn DBT skills from all four modules, a more complete study than the quick overview you got in the short 3 part introductory workshop “Integrating DBT into Your Music Therapy Practice for Effective Results” 



As you start to use these skills in your own life, you’ll be able to be a role model for those around you.  You’ll  grow your therapy toolkit to be able to further support your clients with whatever comes up for them. And you’ll learn the language of DBT, allowing you to communicate with other disciplines and be seen as a competent member of the team.

This class will give you lots of interventions, both in the class recordings and in the private forum, that you can incorporate into your practice.  You get lifetime access to this class.


In Summary, You Get:


DBT Practical Life Skills Reinforced Through Music Therapy- self study course Valued at $250

DBT Music Therapy Resource Hub 2 month access Valued at $160

2 DBT Music Therapy Consultation Group zoom meetings Valued at $150

2 Tickets to our Virtual Retreat Valued at $197

Total Value is over $750

Have skills when you need them the most.


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