Self-study. Introduction to a new international depth-based method of music therapy which focuses on self-exploration and developing personal insight through creative expressive processes. 6 credits .

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With Joel Kroeker, RCC, MA, MMT, MTA  

Course Description

This experiential online course will introduce you to a new international depth-based method of music therapy called, Archetypal Music Psychotherapy, which focuses on self-exploration and developing personal insight through creative expressive processes.

After a brief overview of the history and theoretical foundations that have led to this method participants will be led through a depth approach to working with music and sound in regard to improvisation, composition, performance and active listening.

Through the application of multiple learning styles including lecture presentation format, aural and visual case study material, discussion, evidence-based research and experiential we will explore implications for self-care, mindfulness-based musical practices and working across cultures.


Here’s What People are Saying:

“I was blown away with the depth of the information and have been thinking about it since then!” Leslie M.      

“I think it will help me to explain to my colleagues we aren’t just “banging on drums”, that improvisation is an inner state being expressed as outer form. I work in a medical model setting, and I don’t think many people understand this”  Linda K. 

“I think it was a step beyond the behavioral approach to which we so often limit ourselves. It reminded me that music making has great value.” Patricia M.H. 

“So many nuggets to pull out to use with people.” Leslie M. 

“Oh my gosh – so much.positive about this course! The link between improvisation and the subconscious is fascinating. I love the process of recording an improvisation and then experiencing it through listening, journaling, drawing. Have never thought to do this. Also so many great ideas of things to read to support this type of work.”Leslie M.

“Fabulous course. I loved the pacing, the thoughtful and scholarly and deep material, the gentle interactions. Joel embodies a therapeutic presence, yet also full of information too.” Sangeeta S.


Learning Objectives and CBMT Domain Areas:

Be able to identify the main principles of Archetypal Music Psychotherapy (AMP) 

II)A:2:B “Ability to use music independently for self-care” 

Be able to apply specific depth psychological strategies for working with unconscious material through sound-based processes (integrated with visual expressive processes) 

II)A:3:f Recognize how psychodynamic theoretical orientation informs music therapy practice: 

Learn how to apply an effective therapeutic symbolic attitude to common clinical material regarding images, feelings, thoughts and behaviors 

II)A5 j,t “employ music relaxation and/or stress reduction techniques.” 

Be able to apply these AMP principles to your own personal clinical work 

IIA “Implementation”



There are 4 hours and 15 minutes of recordings to watch, and an hour assignment to turn in.


Archetypal Music Psychotherapy (AMP): A Depth Approach to the Creative Expressive Arts is  approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) for 6 CMTEs-Continuing Music Therapy Education credits. The Spiegel Academy, CBMT Approved Provider #P-106,  maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria.  

Joel Kroeker”s Ted Talk:


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