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Personal Information:

Personal information that you may submit to The Spiegel Academy through this Web site is used only for the purposes of hosting CMTE Classes and will not be  shared with any person outside of The Spiegel Academy without your prior permission.

Cancellation Policy:

A refund will be issued for cancellations caused by host or on a case by case basis based on error.   If for any reason you decide you don’t like a class you selected, your payment can be applied towards a different class.  

Terms and Conditions:

By registering for any class you agree to the the following:   I hereby grant permission to The Spiegel Academy,  its employees, and agents, to record images of me &/or my voice during my participation in the class for the creation and distribution of informational, educational, and marketing materials for the CMTE Continuing Education Program. I also agree that The Spiegel Academy owns these recordings  and all rights related to them. The recordings and  any written material submitted to the instructor or online  may be used in any manner or media (e.g., The Spiegel Academy ‘s CMTE Online Class web sites, publications, promotions, webcasts, advertisements, etc.) without notifying me.  I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished recordings or any printed or electronic matter that may be used with them, or to be compensated for them. I hereby release and forever discharge The Spiegel Academy, DBT Music Therapy LLC, its members individually, and the agents and employees of The Spiegel Academy  from any and all claims, demands, rights and causes of action of whatever kind that I may have, caused by or arising from The Spiegel Academy’s and or DBT Music Therapy LLC’s exercise of the rights granted herein and the use of my writing, images or voice , including all claims for libel and invasion of privacy or infringement of rights of copyright and publicity.I understand that all courses and content located on this site are copyrighted property of The Spiegel Academy.  I will  not under any circumstances copy for the sake of distribution, distribute, or share login passwords or course materials, or download / upload course video recordings.  I am at least 18 years of age and competent to agree to this release.  I understand its contents, meaning and impact; and I freely accept the terms.  By registering for any class offered by The Spiegel Academy  I accept these terms and conditions.


Grievance Policy:

If you have an issue or a grievance please address it with Deborah Spiegel MT-BC in writing by email at deborah@TheSpiegelAcademy.com or fax to  970-965-0024 within 30 days after the course ends.  You can expect a reply within 5-7 days. If we cannot resolve the issue between us over the following  2 week period after you receive the initial reply to your grievance and you feel your grievance is still left unresolved you have the right to have it addressed by the Continuing Education Committee of CBMT.

Satisfaction Policy:

If you are not satisfied with any class for any reason you can exchange it for any other class in the catalog of like price and credits.


The information provided in our classes is for educational purposes only. Deborah Spiegel MT-BC and The Spiegel Academy/DBT Music Therapy LLC assume no responsibility for how the material is used.


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