Inner Circle CMTE Value Package
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Option 1: Choose 2 Classes from List B

List B

Attuning -Making Connections through Music 5 Credits

Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice 5 Credits

iPad and iPhone: Clinical Applications in Music Therapy 5 Credits

Intro to Banjo for Music Therapists and Teachers 5 Credits

Social Skills Training for Children through Music Therapy 5 Credits

Speak so the Power of Persuasion is on Your Side and Your Practice Grows! 5 credits

Song Writing 5 credits

The Voice as a Tool for Healing Emotional Wounds 5 Credits

Tools for Effective Guided Imagery 5 credits

Website Essentials for the Music Therapist 5 credits

IDEA, FAPE, LRE are the Alphabet Soup: Understanding the IEP 5 credits

Option 2: Choose 1 Class from List C and 1 from List B

List C

Archetypal Music Psychotherapy: A Depth Approach to the Creative Expressive Arts 6 Credits

Neurologic Strategies for Speech & Language for Individuals with Autism and Other Special Needs 6 credits

Improvisation for Use in Music Therapy 6 credits

Music Therapy for Chronic Pain Management 6 credits

Music Therapy in Special Education 6 credits

Music Therapy in the Preschool Classroom 6 credits

Verbal Counseling and Psychotherapy Techniques for Music Therapists 6 credits

Option 3: Choose 1 Class from List D and 1 from List A

List D

The Art of Self-Health for Healthcare Professionals 7 credits

Engaging Seniors through Musical Improvisation 7 credits

List A

Designing Music Wellness Classes for Your Community 3 credits

Creating Music Therapy Goals and Objectives 4 credits

Option 4: Choose 1 Class from List E

List E

DBT Practical Life Skills Reinforced through Music Therapy 10 credits

Guitar: Rhythm and Accompaniment for Stylistic Playing 10 credits?

Music Therapy with Kids and Teens 10 credits

The Keys to Working with Difficult Clients 10 credits 

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