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  • Take all the classes you want! Over 35 classes to choose from! (Including ethics!)
  • Get as many CMTEs as you need, all in one place!
  • Belong to a professional peer supervision group for ongoing support and sharing of innovative ideas, both yours and others in the community.
  • Add new cutting edge music therapy strategies to your practice and further enhance your clients’ lives.

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Dear music therapist,

You were born to make a big positive impact in the world – and you are needed!

If you’re passionate about music therapy, and supporting your clients in reaching their potential, and you’re ready to make a bigger difference, then this is for YOU!

Can you relate to any of this?

  • “I can’t wait to learn more about different ways to help my clients."
  • " I wish I could afford to take all the great classes I see.” 
  • "I feel isolated, frustrated with difficult clients, and wish I had support of other music therapists.”
  • “I’m stressed out about not having my CMTE credits for recertification!”
  • “I struggle to come up with fresh new music therapy methodology with little time to figure it out.”
  • “I feel confused, not prepared, and burnt out.”



Have an abundance of quality, convenient, and affordable classes- at one low consistent monthly (or annual) price…

Choose any classes you want, as many as you want, and access new classes as we add them– all from the comfort of home! You don’t have to drive anywhere, and can even wear your slippers.

Learn new ideas and strategies to support your clients.

You have access to a wide variety of class topics ranging from courses related to your specific intervention concerns for your client demographics, to other options that you can try out just to expand your horizons, all included!    

Earn required CMTE credits. 

 Meet all your continuing education requirements, including  ethics. All of the classes in the CMTE Club are approved by CBMT for CMTE credits.  (Sorry, at this time this CMTE membership program does not issue LCAT credits.  Taking individual classes is the only way to earn LCAT credits.) 

Grow your business …

with our classes on starting and growing your business, so you can get more clients, build your team, and make the money you deserve.

Network with other professional music therapists.

You don’t need to feel alone out there. Be part of an amazing group of peers. Ask questions, brainstorm ideas, learn new interventions, meet ethics requirement, give and get support in our online monthly zoom meetings.

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My name is Deborah Spiegel MT-BC.  I’ve been a music therapist since 1976 and have worked with many different types of clients over the years.  In 2001 I worked at the state hospital here in Colorado, on the adolescent unit, as the music therapist in a DBT milieu.  I have been passionate about utilizing DBTs practical life skills in music therapy ever since, and have been offering workshops and training on the topic nationwide since 2011. 

In 2012 I presented my first online workshop, and the Spiegel Academy was born. Our CMTE class catalog keeps growing with over 40 classes on a wide range of topics and over 6500 participating music therapists!

I noticed that many of our customers wait for a big sale to buy classes. 

It made me realize that there is a need for a membership option providing an affordable and convenient way to meet our professional continuing education requirements, learn new ideas and strategies, and connect with professional peers.


Membership Details:



Earn all the credits you need all in one place!



Complete as many classes as you want to as long as you're a member.



We work hard to have 100% satisfaction



as long as you stay a member, even when prices increase to the public in the future.

Can I get LCAT credits?

LCAT credits are not currently available in the CMTE Club. They ARE ONLY available with regular individual class purchases.

Enrollment is OPEN



You get to participate in our monthly music therapy Inner Circle! We meet on zoom for online peer supervision. You'll be part of an intimate ongoing professional community to get and share ideas. You'll even be able to earn your ethics requirement just by attending, while learning new ideas and strategies for your practice.

$550 Yours FREE!

Here's why Brenda keeps renewing her membership:

"It's really nice to have this community of other music therapists that we can just bounce ideas off each other. and..."

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Enrollment is OPEN

What People Are Saying

"I love that it saved me money. It kept me coming back because I knew I had easy access to credits that were already paid for. It allowed me not to panic.

The layout is great. I love the videos being cut into segments and when checked off I’m given a percentage of how much I’ve completed.

I also love that I’m able to access content that’s newly added.

Another plus is that your academy is an approved provider and I don’t have to write a complete summary every time I input a completed course!"

- Alyssa Gonzalez MT-BC

"I'm glad that I joined this membership because I have access to so many resources!

There are things to play to a person's strengths as well as to strengthen their weaknesses. 

There is a peer supervision group that provides us with a place to get support for challenges. 

It's important for any music therapist to be able to have access to these things and I was able to get them all in one place with the Spiegel Academy's CMTE membership."

- Colleen DeMarco MT-BC

"I was first drawn to this membership because I had to complete a lot of CMTEs in a short period of time due to circumstances in my life, and this was an affordable and convenient way to do so.

You can do things from the comfort of your home on your schedule, so it is good for people who need to recertify and have lots of different responsibilities that make conference attendance prohibitive.

When I start a new cycle I plan to continue my membership and take my time with my classes, unlike this year when I need to hurry through them."

- Tabitha Schaffer MT-BC

Right now is a great time to earn your required CMTE credits and to learn new ways to enhance the incredibly valuable work you do with your clients. 

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All the classes that you want to take, whenever you are ready to take them. Earn 100 + Possible Credits (Value over $2700)  

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 A community of professional peers to meet with live (on zoom) for supervision, brainstorming and support  in our monthly Music Therapy Inner Circle Meetings( Value $550)


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