All of the classes in this membership are approved by CBMT for CMTE credits.

We have opened the doors up again only for a couple of days!

Right now is a great time to earn your required CMTE credits and to learn new ways

to enhance the incredibly valuable work you do with your clients. 

You are going to love this special membership program!



Learn new ideas and strategies.

You have access to a wide variety of class topics ranging from courses related to your specific intervention concerns for your client demographics, to other options that you can try out just to expand your horizons, all included!  

Apply it to your practice…

 Easily take what you learn and apply it with your clients.

Earn required CMTE credits.

 Meet all your continuing education requirements, including  ethics.  (Sorry, at this time this CMTE membership program does not issue LCAT credits.  Taking individual classes is the only way to earn LCAT credits.) 

Grow your business …

with our classes on starting and growing your business, so you can get more clients, build your team, and make the money you deserve.

Quality, convenient, and affordable- at one low consistent monthly price…

Choose any classes you want, as many as you want, and access new classes as we add them– all from the comfort of home! You don’t have to drive anywhere, and can even wear your slippers.

Membership Details:

  • 1 year (renewable) membership 
  • Earn 100+ possible CMTE credits
  • Complete as many classes as you want to as long as you are a member 
  • Beat procrastination by completing each class within 2 months of choosing it
  •  Get unlimited access to convenient, quality, and affordable CMTEs while you learn new ideas and strategies. 
  • Your price is locked in as long as you are a member, even when prices increase to the public.


You also get the added benefit of our monthly online peer supervision group, the Music Therapy Inner Circle, where you’ll be part of an ongoing professional community (value $400!) 

What people are saying:

“I’m glad that I joined this membership because I have access to so many resources! There are things to play to a person’s strengths as well as to strengthen their weaknesses.  There is a peer supervision group that provides us with a place to get support for challenges.  It’s important for any music therapist to be able to have access to these things and I was able to get them all in one place with the Spiegel Academy’s CMTE membership.”  Colleen DeMarco


“I was first drawn to this membership because I had to complete a lot of CMTEs in a short period of time due to circumstances in my life, and this was an affordable and convenient way to do so. You can do things from the comfort of your home on your schedule, so it is good for people who need to recertify and have lots of different responsibilities that make conference attendance prohibitive. When I start a new cycle I plan to continue my membership and take my time with my classes, unlike this year when I need to hurry through them, and will even opt for the 5 year option.”  Tabitha Schaffer


Brenda has been a member of the Inner Circle  (monthly online peer supervision) group for many years.  Here’s why she keeps coming back >>

100 CMTE credits have a value of $2500

Get access to as many classes as you want to take during your membership year.

Only $69/month for 12 months

in your one year membership.

Membership Classes Include:

American Sign Language (ASL) Essentials: Signs and Songs for Communication (8 credits)

Archetypal Music Psychotherapy: A Depth Approach to the Creative Expressive Arts (6 credits)

Build a Therapeutic Relationship: Attuning and Self-Regulation for Therapist and Client (5 credits)

Creating Music Therapy Goals and Objectives (4 credits)

Creative Innovations in Mental Health & Addictions: A Guide to the 12- Steps in Practice (15 credits)

DBT: Practical Life Skills Reinforced through Music Therapy (10 credits)

Engaging Seniors through Musical Improvisation (7 credits)

Engaging Seniors Through Song (8 credits)

Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice (5 credits)

Growing Your Private Practice (13 credits)

Guitar Improvisation Technique called “Shape Shifting” 5 credits

Guitar: Rhythm and Accompaniment for Stylistic Playing (10 credits)

Guitar: Song Introductions & Endings (8 credits) 

Guitar: Tips and Tricks for the Advancing Guitarist (8 credits)

Hospice 101: An Introduction to Hospice Music Therapy (3 credits)

IDEA, FAPE, LRE are the Alphabet Soup: Understanding the IEP (5 credits)

Intro to Banjo for Music Therapists and Teachers (5 credits)

Mindfulness and Music in Clinical Practice (8 credits)

Music Therapy for Chronic Pain Management (6 credits)

Music Therapy in Special Education (6 credits)

Music Therapy in the Preschool Classroom (6 credits)

Music Therapy Interventions Teaching Emotion Regulation Skills System for Cognitively Challenged Clients (28 credits)

Music Therapy with Kids and Teens (10 credits)

Neurologic Strategies for Speech & Language for Individuals with Autism and Other Special Needs (6 credits)

Social Skills Training for Children through Music Therapy (5 credits).

Speak so the Power of Persuasion is on Your Side and Your Practice Grows (5 credits)
Starting a Music Therapy Business (13 credits)

The Art of Improvisation for Use in Music Therapy (6 credits)

The Art of Self-Health for Healthcare Professionals (7 credits)

The Keys to Working with Difficult Clients (10 credits

The Voice as a Tool for Healing Emotional Wounds (5 credits)

Tools for Effective Guided Imagery (5 credits)

Verbal Counselling and Psychotherapy Techniques for Music Therapists (6 credits)

Website Essentials for the Music Therapist (5 credits)

Inner Circle- Peer supervision monthly online meetings (16 credits)

More new classes will be added.

in your one year membership.

This special enrollment period has expired.
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