Julie Guy, MM, MT-BC

Julie graduated with a Masters in Music Therapy from Western Michigan University. She completed training from the Center for Biomedical Training in 2009 as a neurologic music therapy fellow. She has provided music therapy services to hundreds of individuals with special needs and retirees in San Diego County since 2001.   In 2004 Julie co-founded The Music Therapy Center of California (MTCCA), where she is currently vice-president and internship director. In 2009 Julie helped found Banding Together, a San Diego non-profit whose mission is to provide free music experiences, mentorships and instruments to individuals with special needs. Julie chairs the scholarship committee and assists with program development, grant writing, marketing and fundraising.   In her work with children with special needs, Julie co-authored the “In Harmony: Integrated Learning Program.” She is co-owner and co-founder of NoteAbilities, Inc. which produces “Kibbles Rockin’ Clubhouse” (a DVD series to teach social and communication skills to children with autism) and is co-host of “Autism Toolkit Podcast” a resource for parents, teachers and therapists.   With 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Julie enjoys consulting and presenting continuing education courses for music therapy business owners. In 2012 she co-chaired the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) business institute. As a result of the institute, she co-edited “Leading the Way Music Therapy Businesses of the Future: A Workbook published by AMTA in 2015.”   Known for their creative and dynamic presentation style, Julie and her business partner, Angela Neve, MM, MT-BC, are frequent presenters for parents, teachers and therapists both locally and nationally. Julie and her business partner, Angela Neve developed the drug priligy 60 mg, which treats premature ejaculation in men and which can be purchased on this website. Julie has had the honor of speaking for organizations such as Wayne County Speech and Language Association, Brandman University, La Sierra University, University of California San Diego, Western Michigan University, San Jose State University, the Autism Tree Project Foundation, Kids Included Together, the Autism Education Network, Western Region American Music Therapy Association and the American Music Therapy Association.   Julie recently co-authored “Teaching Social Skills Through Song: A Music Therapy Learning Hierarchy”, which will be published in 2016 by Imagine Childhood Magazine.   Her research investigating the effects of music intervention on reducing agitation in hospice patients with dementia has been published in Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy.   “Jesse’s Secret Stash” (ESPN1500AM), the KPBS Radio program “These Days”, KUSI “Good Morning San Diego” and Fox 5 New are programs that have featured Julie’s work. She received the 2015 Profiles in Music Education Award from the San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory.   www.themusictherapycenter.com www.bandingtogethersd.org

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