Make a Greater Impact and Grow both Personally and Professionally by adding DBT's Powerful Life Changing Skills into Your Existing Music Therapy Practice!

What is DBT?

Why use it in music therapy?

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I'll show you how DBT can benefit your clients (and your own life) and how other music therapists use DBT's practical life skills in their practice.

You can decide if it's something you'll want to use yourself. We'll also share many resources for how to do so.

(If you already know DBT skills and/or use them in your practice, come get a review and some new intervention ideas.)

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"Integrating DBT into Your Music Therapy Practice for Effective Results."



  • What is DBT anyway?
  • Help clients reduce impulsive behaviors with mindfulness skills
  • Music therapy ideas for you



  • Cope through difficult times
  • Distress tolerance & emotion regulation 
  • Music therapy ideas for you



  • Formula to communicate effectively
  • Interpersonal skills
  •  How to increase your tool- kit 

"I just finished watching your three video series and feel as though I've just taken a mega dose of vitamin B 12!  My brain is firing and my creativity is having a field day.  Thank you so much for putting together such a professional, practical and informational training.  This was extremely well done, complete with examples, illustrations, and clear, evidence-based information. 

Bravo on such a meaningful course!  It was both affirming and energizing.  Though retired, I found this refreshing for me personally, and I shall practice the valuable lessons and continue to draw from them personally for years to come."

Deforia Lane Ph.D., MT-BC


  • Already watched this webinar
  • Know a little about DBT or already use DBT in your practice
  • Are ready to deepen your knowledge of the skills and how to implement them with music therapy
  • Want a library of music therapy interventions

The Spiegel Academy offers many continuing education classes on DBT in Music Therapy.

We suggest you START HERE with the DBT in Music Therapy Resource Hub

We know everyone is starting this DBT Music Therapy journey from different places.

Whether you’re...

  • Brand new to the concepts of DBT
  • Experienced in using DBT in your practice already
  • A graduate of our training

...there’s a DBT Informed Music Therapy track for you at the Spiegel Academy.

Each track is outfitted with facilitators who have years of experience that’ll have you seeing the next level of gains that you want.

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