Join the DBT Informed Music Therapy Program!

  • Gain a complete and thorough study of DBT skills with music therapy applications
  • Learn an evidence based tried and true system that you can adapt to your own clientele 
  • Have professional supervision as you implement it with your clients, able to apply the material and make it functional for music therapy 
  • Become comfortable using the DBT terminology and collaborating with other clinicians​​ 
  • Be able to to communicate with related fields more effectively and plan groups in coordination with them within the structure of DBT
  • Gain the educational essentials to maintain high standards of excellence in your professional practice
  • Feel confident in your role as a DBT informed Music Therapist 
  • Know what the skills are
  • Know how to create effective music therapy interventions within the DBT framework
  • Have a repertoire of coping skills to pull out of a hat on a moment’s notice to support your clients  
  •   Effectively create and implement MT interventions to support and reinforce the DBT skills the patients are learning​​​​  
  •  Be able to present other professionals and those in charge with a credential from the Spiegel Academy with the designation of DBT informed Music Therapist that demonstrates a working knowledge of DBT

DBT: Practical Life Skills Reinforced through Music Therapy  

Music and Mindfulness in Clinical Applications

DBT Skills Training Group Online

In-Depth Skills Study with Music Therapy Applications


Online Community

LIVE Online Q&A Support Monthly Meetings

Music Therapy Interventions Teaching Emotion Regulation Skills System (Adapted DBT) for Clients With Intellectual Disabilities and Challenging Behaviors 

DBT Consultation Group for MTs

Credential with an endorsement as a DBT Informed Music Therapist

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