Sally Bonkrude ma, lpc, mt-bc

Sally has been in Private Practice as a Board Certified Music Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor for 14 years, seeing clients from Children to Seniors with difficult issues, from anxiety to depression to major trauma and more. She created a music therapy program for the Gilpin County Seniors in Colorado and the music therapy program for a Club House for Severe Mental Illness in Denver, where she worked with people with schizophrenia and bipolar with psychotic tendencies. She has also worked as a music therapist with at-risk adolescents.


A nationally known presenter, Sally has presented at Music Therapy Conferences, Play Therapy Conferences, Internal Family Systems Conferences, and Music Teacher Association Conferences nationally: California, Florida, Arizona, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, Florida, Rhode Island, Texas, and Kentucky. Sally is best known for her enthusiastic energy and interactive delivery style! She is always open to presenting online and in person in a way that meets your needs and answers your questions.


Sally is author of the book Conscious Performing…from Fear to Freedom and the CD: “Tools for Conscious Performing”. She is currently writing a book called “Present Top Notch Presentations and 30 sec Commercials that Rock”. Today Sally coaches professionals on how to create and present top Notch presentations and 30 sec commercials that rock. She also specializes in helping people overcome performance anxiety.


Sally will be presenting live classes this year through The first one is in May in the San Francisco Bay Area . Sally is a writer/speaker and is always eager to step onto the stage. Topics that she is called to present include: Attuning- Making Connections through Music, Designing Music Wellness Classes that Sell, Be Free…Overcome Performance Anxiety, Creating Top Notch Presentations and 30 sec Commercials that Rock.


If you would like Sally or any of us to present in your area please let Deborah know at



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